CORE10 won the commission to prepare a Facilities Master Plan, and subsequent Design for renovations and new construction at Washington University's Tyson Research Center. This internationally renowned biology field station is uniquely sited on 2000 acres of native landscape originally used by the US Army as an ammunition depot after WWII. Our sustainable and hands-on approach to the planning process revealed some terrific opportunities to repurpose the original military buildings.  CORE10 stripped the ammunitions warehouse down to its structure and designed new and efficient labs underneath with plenty of sheltered outdoor workspace along a new research garden over the former train tracks of the loading depot.  Additionally the original headquarters was restored into a bright new field station. Renovations feature asbestos abatement, site and drainage modifications, composting toilets, grey water harvesting, a new fire pond, and many other environmentally sensitive yet affordable features that will set up Tyson to grow into its future.