We still do traditional retail too, of course. This project for Altus Development was simple and an opportunity to do something small but special. We took advantage of the square footprint to create a nicely proportioned shell of highly detailed brick masonry that would complement any tenant and give their branding a high quality backdrop.

The simple design features that make this project pop?

  • Extra deep 6" perimeter aluminum storefront with shallower 4.5" deep mullions to subdivide the large glazing and provide additional detail.
  • Cast stone water table details referencing other nearby buildings in the shopping center.
  • Recessed and corbeled brick details to highlight the corners and cornice.
  • Large flexible storefront openings front and rear to maximize views of the interior and present an attractive face to nearby busy Olive Boulevard.
  • Custom corner linear LED accent lighting.
  • Continuous rigid insulation sheathing installed directly to the face of the studs leave the entire stud cavity open for easier wiring and fixture installation, plus it eliminates the need for sheathing by combining insulation, air barrier, and moisture barrier in one product.
  • Tightly coordinated lateral bracing at the building's corners provide future flexibility for reconfiguration within the large masonry portals.